Scenariopack 01 Zurich - Olten
Scenariopack 01 Zurich - Olten
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Scenariopack 01 Zurich - Olten



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Adventure- and Rolling Stock Pack for Railworks / TS 2020 AddOn Zurich-Olten.
A PDF duty timetable for all adventures are includet.
Adventures / Scenarios:
Scenario 1: Interregio IR16 from Zurich HB to Olten
With a IC2000 train are on the way from Zurich via Baden to Olten.
Duration: 55 Min
Scenario 2: IR16 from Olten to Zurich Mainstation
With a few stopps it goes as a Interregio from Olten to Zurich.
Duration: 55 Min
Scenario 3: Regioexpress from Zurich to Aarau via Lenzburg
With a RABe 511 KISS it goes as a RE train to Aarau.
Duration: 30 Min
Scenario 4: RE 4809 from Aarau via Lenzburg to Zurich.
As a Regiexpress it goes with a RABe 511 from Aarau to the mainstation in Zurich.
Duration: 30 Min
Scenario 5: S23 through the Birrfeld
You drive a short, four-part RABe 511 as a suburban train through the Birrfeld.
Duration: 50 Min
Scenario 6: Cargoexpress-Train Zurich-Mulligen - Olten Hammer
With a Re 4/4 loco and various Post- und Expresscars you will start from the "Mulligen" to the west.
Duration: 45 Min
Scenario 7: Mail train from Olten to Zurich Mulligen
With the Re 4/4 loco it goes with a mail train to the mail center Mulligen at Zurich.
Duration: 35 Min
Scenario 8: Marshalling yard Limmattal - Olten with a freight train
You drive a Re 6/6 loco and various freight cars from "RBL" in the direction of Olten.
Duration: 55 Min
Scenario 9: Freight train Olten Hammer - Limmattal marshalling yard
On a freight train with mixed freight it goes from the west into the "RBL".
Duration: 60 Min
Scenario 10: Parcel post train into the west
With your Re 4/4 loco pull some containercars with parcel post into the west.
Duration: 55 Min
Scenario 11: Containertrain into the Birrfeld
Drive a train with Sgnss containercars from marshalling yard into the Birrfelder container terminal.
Duration: 35 Min
Scenario 12: Transport of dangerous goods to Mellingen
You have to deliver with your der Re 6/6 and some Zas tank cars the fuel depot at Mellingen.
Duration: 30 Min
Scenario 13: Tank car train to the North
Drive with a Re 6/6 loco empty tank cars from Mellingen to the East.
Duration: 50 Min
Scenario 14: Delivery and pickup at Wildegg
Deliver the Fans-u waggons to Wildegg and go back as a locomotive train. From Wildeg, you must take along a Re 420 loco.
Duration: 85 Min
Scenario 15: Empty train Zurich - Aarau behind the S12
You drive a empty train from Zurich to Aarau via Dattwil. By Wettingen your following the S12 shuttle train in block interval.
Duration: 50 Min
Included rolling stock:
SBB Sgnss SBB Ks
4 axle container car 2 axle low side car
around 100 versions with container and mailcontainer Versions with container and further loads
Further information about the vehicle
Further information about the vehicle
SBB Hbbillns / Hbbillnss SBB Habbiillns
2-assige gesloten goederenwagon met schuifwanden 4-assige gesloten goederenwagon met schuifwanden
Cargo versie zilver / bruin / reclame versie Cargo versie zilver / Mail
Meer informatie over het voertuig
Meer informatie over het voertuig
SBB Res SBB Eaos
4 assige lage zijwagen 4 assige hoge zijgondel
Diverse ladingen Diverse vrachten en uitvoeringen
Meer informatie over het voertuig

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